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The Knightsbridge Lebanese

Since a couple years back I have been wanting to go to Ishbilia. I read a couple good reviews and a Lebanese friend highly recommended the place that adding the fact of my love for the Lebanese cuisine, as I went at least once every six months to the Lebanese centre back in Venezuela to have a nice meal.


The place is in Knightsbridge, classic restaurant ambience, the service could appears to  be a little rude, probably the personality of Lebanese people, even though two very good friends are Lebanese and have to say they anything but rude, but the food is spectacular and I’m sure you can balance the quality with the service making an overall satisfactory experience.

The place

I went with Adrian and Angela, and we decided to try and share different dishes. To start the classic Hummus, Tabouleh,  Falafel, and Kibbah Maklieh. Everything was spotless, amazing traditional flavours with classic presentation. As main we share Shish Taouk (boneless chicken cubes marinated in garlic lemon juice and olive oil), and a lamb dish (one of the kafta), again the flavours were over the top, spot on, a very enjoyable diner in my opinion.






A couple days back I was watching the Seinfeld episode “The Doorman” when Kramer and Frank decide to do business together.

Kramer: Here's our chance. What do you say? It'll be me, you and the bro, bro.
Frank: Let's do it! Except, we gotta do something about the name.
Kramer: Why, what's wrong with bro?
Frank: No, bro's no good. Too ethnic.
Kramer: Alright, you got something better?
Frank: How about uh... the mansiere?
Kramer: Mansiere?
Frank: That's right. A brassiere for a man. The mansiere, get it?
George: Well, you've scared her off. We may never see mom again.
Frank: Hey George, what do you like better? The bro, or the mansiere?
George: Dad. We need to talk.

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