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Berlin Street Food Fight: Currywurst

Currywurst is the typical dominant favourite of the Berliner fast food scene. It’s so popular and a must when visiting Berlin, that it is consider another landmark of the city. Just a simple German pork sausage with curry powder and a spicy tomato sauce. Who would have thought that combination, well apparently Herta Heuwer in 1949, which soon became a popular street food stand favourite in Charlottenburg district in Berlin.

Went to the top to look for the best Currywyurst

I did my research and the 3 names that came back to me repeatedly were Curry 36, Konnopke’s Imbiss, and Witty’s. So to make my life easy I decided to pay a visit and respects to the three sites.

Curry 36 was the first victim, recommended in most places as the best in town, definitely the biggest queue I found during my visits. I got the two versions to avoid the purist all time debate of how to eat it with or without the skin or casing (mit/ohne Darm). Pretty good first impression, kind of like the spicy flavour of the tomato sauce with the curry.

First Victm

Just Getting There

My First Currywurst Experience

Other Patrons Fighting for a Taste

Curry 36
T: +49 30 2517638
Street Food: Pork Sausage
Area: Mehringdamm
Borough: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
Konnopke’s Imbis was my second visit, for this one I was more confident, only one option in this one, just without the skin, so I asked to add another sausage a Bratwust, task which wasn’t easy at all, as a lovely old lady at the place didn’t speak English and my German is too basic for long communications. This one is the place where Anthony Bourdain visits in the No Reservations episode in Berlin, so the force was strong with this young Padawan. Again quite good, serious competition from the East side of Berlin, will the next one deliver?

Nothing like a Wurst bellow the train tracks 


The snack with a Berliner 

More Currywurst 

The traditional place 

It couldn't be Berlin without street art

Konnopke’s Imbis
T: +49 30 4427765
Street Food: Pork Sausage
Area: Prenzlauer Berg
Borough: Pankow
Witty’s my final stop, the organic of the family, there is always a sustainable/organic option around. As this one was my last stop I went for the full treat, two currywurst (one with the other without skin), fries, and a boulette which is something between a hamburger and a meatball. A beautiful lady (yes I have a thing for blue eye and blond hair German girls) with an impressive English command help me to fulfil my requirements, only the culinary ones! Again quite good, a little bit more expensive than the other two but you know organic has its price. Not sure which one is the best one, for me all of them were quite good, I recommend you judge by yourself as I’m not a currywurst expert.

The Place 

The Trilogy

T: +49 30 8537055
Street Food: Pork Sausage
Area: Schoneberg
Borough: Tempelhof-Schoneberg

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Wurst reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Blood”.

Kramer: Why did you get rid of that sausage?
Jerry: It wasn't me, it was Mr. Mandelbaum.
Kramer: Yeah well, Newman's not happy, he booted me out of his freezer. Look, I've got to take my blood back to the bank, can I borrow your car?
Jerry: What's wrong with yours?
Kramer: I got no A/C and I gotta keep the blood cold or it'll go bad.
Jerry: All right, but this is it, this is the last favor, we're even!
Kramer: All right, Even Steven. Oh, by the way, when you get back to your apartment try to keep it down because Newman is taking a nap in your bed.


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