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The Uncle Byron

For only the month of September Byron is having a new special burger. A simple, straight forward, American style cheese burger. Apparently back in June while experimenting with buns a typical glazed style kind of popular in the US was out of the ovens, so they decided to go in a star spangled banner style and add American cheese, and sliced pickles to a 6oz patty, a little bit of ketchup and mustard completed the scene. After tried and tested the decision was made a new special is part of the family.

Byron one more try

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

I read mixed reviews from fellow bloggers so decided to give Uncle Sam a try without knowing what to expect. Got to the place sat ordered a craft US beer to stay in the concept the Odell Cutthroat Porter. Asked for my Uncle Sam, add coleslaw and courgette fried.

Uncle Sam Promo 

The American Porter

The burger is ok, but again for me not great. If you love traditional style cheeseburgers that’s the one for you, you will love the thin patty with the kraft style American cheese. The pickles were too cold for the burger, it was a bit unpleasant sensation the hot patty and the melted cheese with the frozen pickle. The burger was cooked medium rare as ordered. The courgettes didn’t make it for me, bland and too fluffy, not good. The slaw was good. The service was spot on just perfect.

The Uncle 


The Slaw

Definitely the only burger in Byron I really like so far is the Big D in February, having said that I have to reckon their marketing strategy is brilliant, couple times in a year a new special that is making me return even though I’m not a big fan of the place.

Portrait Shot to the Uncle Sam

If you’re a diehard American cheeseburger traditional style fan, don’t waste time just a few days more on the menu, 5 to be exact, in my case one is enough.

These specials remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Frogger”.

Female Worker: Elaine, cake?
Elaine: Uh, no, thanks.
Female Worker: It's Walter's special day.
Elaine: You know, there are 200 people who work in this office. Every day is somebody's special day.
Male Worker: Elaine! Where're you going? It's Walter's last day. We have to celebrate.
Elaine: It's his birthday and it's his last day?
Male Worker: This is other Walter, from returns.
Other Walter: Hey, what's going on here?
All: Surprise!
Other Walter: Oh guys. Elaine, it's my last day. Have a piece.
Elaine: All right, pile it on.

T: 020 8246 4170
Area: Putney
Borough: Wandsworth
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Campari & Soda 楊靜安 said...

that looks completely different to the bun i had-mine was flat and tasteless.

Odo said...

I know I have experience some of this inconsistencies as well... My cheeseburger was good, only issue the pickles too cold almost frozen cold... So far my favourite Byron is the Big D, that's the only I return for...

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