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I Heart Smørrebrød

One thing I was keen to try in Copenhagen was the famous and traditional open faced sandwiches or smørrebrød. Consider one of the most iconic dishes on Danish cuisine, the translation is butter and bread, but it’s far from that, galaxies away in my opinion, there is rye buttered bread but on top you will find the most delicious combinations, including cold meats, fish, cheese, and vegetables with imagination as your only limit, obtaining a divine visual and tasty creation.

In a Danish State of Mind

There are many combinations, places like Ida Davidsen are offering more than 250 options, the classics which you will find almost everywhere are the Veterinarian’s midnight snack, what a name isn’t it? The snack consists in liver pate, with corned beef, aspic, raw onions, and garden cress on top of a rye. The other one is the shooting star, which is two pieces of fish one steamed the other one fried, mayo, red caviar, and lemon on top of white bread.

Smørrebrød Attack

But the real place to have these delights is no other than Aamanns, Adam Aamanns' fine dining restaurant and besides it a take away concept or should I say a fine dining take away concept. The place has won several awards including best open sandwich in the Gastronomiske Dage.


The Take Away

Arrived to Aamanns on a rainy day, all the menus in Danish, so completely confused and soaked asked the friendly waitress to help me. The options in the place are unbelievable, pickled duck breast with kale, horseradish, roasted celery and cranberries, or how about a sirloin steak with onions, coarse root remoulade, horseradish and chervil, maybe the beef tartare with egg emulsion, tarragon, gherkins, capers, onions, and mini potato crisps, if that is not enough braised pork belly with apple, balsamic and honey vinegar, lettuce hearts, orange, apples, and walnuts, or maybe chicken salad, baked root vegetables, apple, chives, fresh celery, and crispy ham.


As you can imagine I went for the chicken salad, the beef tartare, and obviously the pork belly, got a beer and gorge the amazingly wonderful and unique snacks I ordered.


My Triple

Aamanns definitely a must when you’re in the Danish capital.

Miss you Smørrebrød

Sandwich reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Blood

Jerry: Didn't go for it, huh?
George: No.
Jerry: So, she didn't appreciate the erotic qualities of the salted cured meats?
George: She tolerated the strawberries and the chocolate sauce, but eh, it's not a meal, you know? Food and sex, those are my two passions. It's only natural to combine them
Jerry: Natural? Sex is about love between a man and a woman, not a man and a sandwich
George: Jerry, I'm not suggesting getting rid of the girl. She's integral.
Jerry: Maybe instead of trying to satisfy two of your needs, how about satisfying one of somebody else's.

T: +45 35 55 33 44
Danish Cuisine
Borough: Østerbro

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