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Authentic Napolitanean Pizza in Milano?

A couple really good friends of mine went to live to Milano, so the first excuse I had I went straight to visit them. I was so looking forward, the last time I went to Milan was around 2003, and I love Italian food, love it so much that I have consider a couple times moving there. 

i Capatosta
So as soon as I got there they took me according to them to one of the best pizzas in Milan, I Capatosta, a small piece of Naples in Milan. Family style, pretty noisy, extremely packed, huge queue to get a table, all the tables pretty close to each other that you smell the aromas from the food around you, and authentic Neapolitan pizza, what else do you need, as soon as I saw all that chaos I was in love with the place, that is the real deal, that is real Italian food. 

We started with a Moretti beer, strong and nice Birra Italiana. Then went more for the substantial stuff. First we shared Frittura Mista della Casa (house mix fried), with that we got Fiori di Zucca, Crocchette di Patate, Mozzarelline Impanate, Frittatine, Montanara, and Arancini. Oh my god! It was fabulous, the flavours, the smell, perfectly battered and fried, pretty rustic and simple, but perfection in the mouth, my favourite was the Mozzarelline and the Arancini, but all of them where splendid. 

Frittura Mista
Pizza Time
Then we went for the main event, the pizza, ham, mushrooms and rocket, awesome, the flavour was nice, the crust perfect, the tomato sauce just the right amount, and the melted mozzarella superb, I could easily eat there every day. 

Ready, Set, Go
Excellent start for a long weekend full of fun in Milano 

Milan reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Movie” 

Jerry: My whole night's ruined, I didn't do any sets, didn't do any movies 
Buckles: Come on, we can still catch most of “Rochelle Rochelle” 
Jerry: “Rochelle Rochelle”, huh? 
Buckles: A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk Jerry: Minsk?

I Capatosta
T: +39 02 8941 5910
Italian Neapolitan Pizzeria
District: Porta Genova
Zone 2

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Chloe Martin said...

The pizza looks really delicious!

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For more information please visit: pizza menu

john said...

Capatosta is really looking excellent place. Nice interior and yummy food. may I know its opening hours?

Odo said...

John opening time is 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 7:30pm to 12:00am 7 days a week

Marta said...

Hi. Should I have a reservation when I want go there?? thx :!)

Odo said...

Marta: It is pretty popular I'm not sure they take reservations... We waited approx 15min

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