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Pizza Crawl in Manhattan

Before going to NYC I came across with this article of a bloke named Colin Hangendorf that went through all Manhattan trying every single place that sell pizza slices, the Slice Harvester, he put some rules for his crusade, only one slice, he decided to try only plain cheese, only mom and pops not chains, going from north to south, one he left an area he didn’t come back for new places, and never going twice to the same place, they had only one shot, and he blogged and score them in a 8 slice system. Is Colin a genius? Well he says only a schmuck New Yorker with too much time on his hand.

I got inspired with the story, two and a half years, 362 slices, what a commitment, the Julie & Julia of pizzas, supersize me style, it impacted me so much I decided to do the same, well not the same, I basically took his top eight, not so sure what is with the number eight and pizza, maybe 8 slices has a pizza pie? Anyway, for a day I will be the Pizza About Nothing, but I had to put rules, boundaries as well or this is not going to work, so these are my rules, I will eat whatever slice I fancy, if I want I will have more than one slice, I won’t go twice as I have limited time, not sure if I going north to south or south to north probably the more convenient route I figure it out, I will blog about it, and I will score them with Yadas with 8 Yadas being the top mark, that’s it, in conclusion I will do my way or the highway. 

One for the Vine: Pizza Suprema

Suprema is the only top scorer on the list with 8 slices, they have been serving NYC with pizza since 1964, same family, awesome isn’t. I was really fancy going to this one, got to the place and ordered a Sicilian and a slice of pepperoni. 

Pepperoni slice was brilliant, the crust was perfectly crunchy and toasted, lots of juices from the cheese and pepperoni, and great flavour. The Sicilian was good as well, thick and spongy dough, nice flavour. 

Suprema Slices
I loved the fact that everytime the subway pass bellow us the place started to shake and tremble like in the Brad Pitt’s apartment in the movie Seven, this is real NYC I love it. 

Pizza Suprema
T: +1 914 401 4554
Slice Harvester: 8 slices 
Pizza About Nothing: 8 yadas
Area: Chelsea
Borough: Manhattan
Second Home by the Sea: Gino’s Pizza 

The more Italian of the bunch and also the more restaurant-ish of all, Immediately you can see it is a family business, the place was full with a huge queue to get table so I ordered to go. Got the plain cheese one. 

The Place
It was brilliant, excellent flavour, nice crust, good balance and the exact amount with sauce and cheese, the flavour was spot on. Ginos Christ that slice was good, I almost came back for the whole pie. 

Gino's Slice
Gino's Pizza
T: +1 212 717 5336
Slice Harvester: 7 ½ slices 
Pizza About Nothing: 8 yadas
Area: Yorkville
Borough: Manhattan
Gino's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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Three Sides Live: Rocky’s I 

Rocky’s specialise in brick oven pizzas, with that name the obvious pictures of boxers and movie artists, even a pair of boxing gloves over the tilt. The place had the Barclays premier league match on teli and a couple Britons were beside me so I felt like in London to be honest. I got the tomato and buffalo mozzarella. 

Flavour was good, nice pan, thin, a little bit of more mozzarella would have been fine 

Rocky's Slice
Rocky's I
T: +1 212 242 2345
Slice Harvester: 7 ½ slices 
Pizza About Nothing: 7 yadas
Area: Chelsea
Borough: Manhattan

A small place, I ordered and sat in a stool looking 40st traffic. Apparently Siena was one of Colin’s favourite places, he had a slice everytime he came back from Baltimore after visiting his home. I ordered the spinach and cheese one. 

Flavour was good, and this is not a combination that I will order usually but it was good, good crust, nice cheese, pretty solid flavour. 

Siena's Slice
Siena Pizza
T: +1 212 391 9524
Slice Harvester: 7 slices 
Pizza About Nothing: 7 ½ yadas 
Area: Midtown West
Borough Manhattan
Siena Pizza on Urbanspoon

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The Jackson Five: Sauce Pizzeria 

The place was actually closed, went out of business I guess. 

Sauce Pizzeria
Slice Harvester: 7 slice 
Pizza About Nothing: 0 yadas 

Six Blade Knife: Mariella Pizza 

As Gino’s Mariella probably is one of the more Italianish in terms of décor of all the places, they tried to give you an Italian atmosphere, even they had the Calcio Serie A football match on the teli, brilliant. I ordered a margherita. 

Mariella Pizza
The pizza aspect wasn’t good at all, the crust was fine, but the tomato sauce was completely dried, and the cheese was not good enough. 

Mariella's Slice
Mariella Pizza
T: +1 212 777 1220
Slice Harvester: 7 slices 
Pizza About Nothing: 2 yadas
Area: Flatiron
Borough: Manhattan
Mariella Pizza on Urbanspoon

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Seven Seas of Rhye: Iggy’s 

I was looking forward for this place, just because the name, I was expecting having the pizza while hearing out loud The Passenger instead they had Adam Sandler stand-up act on the radio. Italian atmosphere, and guess what they had the Spanish football La Liga, Barca vs Madrid game. Went to my favourite again here, pepperoni. 

Pizza was excellent, perfect crust, again juices attacking all over, full of flavour, nice mozzarella, nice pizza. They definitely show more care while reheating the slice, they left it more time on the oven to get to the right temperature. 

Iggy's Slice
T: +1 212 353 3331
Slice Harvester: 7 slices 
Pizza About Nothing: 7 ½ yadas
Area: East Village
Borough: Manhattan
Iggy's on Urbanspoon

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Eight days a week: Rossetti’s Pizza 

This was the more humble of the bunch or should I say pie as we are talking pizza analogy, a couple locals in the place not bad. I got the margherita. 

The pizza had a nice crust but it was a little bit bland, I think the tomato sauce got short of spices and condiments. It was overall ok. 

Rosetti's Slice
Rosetti's Pizza
T: +1 212 966 7178
Pizza Harvester: 7 slices 
Pizza About Nothing: 6 yadas 
Area: Soho
Borough: Manhattan
Rosetti's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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Pizza in Seinfeld is well covered, probably the classic quote is when Kramer is lost near Original Ray’s in the episode “The Maid” what my surprise when I found Famous Original Ray’s Pizza, sadly no sight of Kramer around. 

Kramer where are you?
Kramer: I think it's over. We had a big fight, she threw me out, I started walking, and now I'm lost downtown! I don't have any money. I don't recognize anybody. I miss home, and I don't even know how to get there 
Jerry: What's around you? 
Kramer: I'm looking at Ray's Pizza. You know where that is? 
Jerry: Is it Famous Ray's? 
Kramer: No. It's Original Ray's 
Jerry: Famous Original Ray's? 
Kramer: It's just Original, Jerry! 
Jerry: Well, what street are you on? 
Kramer: Hey, I'm on first and first. How can the same street intersect with itself? I must be at the nexus of the universe


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