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Burger Wars Episode XLI: The Lobster Bar

A new kid is on the block, by the hand of Goodman, we have Burger & Lobster, a fast pace lobster bar with a simple three dishes menu, a burger, a lobster, or a lobster roll, all of them served with fries and salad. A big bar serving fancy cocktails apparently created by Soul Shakers, all this in a modern lobster paradise, the wooden walls playing with bright lights in order to really appreciate your food and have a vivid experience. 

The Place
Probably one of the most photographed menus these days
The place was full, I put my name on the list and head my way into the long bar to look for a drink while I was waiting, a huge cocktails list, I preferred to keep it simple and had a Meantime Lager. Some sort of world lounge music, international sounds mixed with the noisy dining room, a Putumayo relax set list that is combine with the noise from hungry patrons. 

My wait in the bar
Fast pace diner
Finally at my table
The glamour of the silver gravy boat filled with clarified butter for the lobster and the grotesque mayo and tomato sauces squeeze bottles just taken from Tesco for the burger is just a sublime combination or probably a hint to have the lobster instead the burger. The couple sitting beside me where arguing why on earth you can have the burger when the lobster was at the exact same price, well I guess only burger groupies like myself or seafood allergies will impact on that decision. 

Not so fancy sauces
One burger, cooked to order, sesame seeds bun, toasted and drizzle with olive oil or maybe the clarified butter, lettuce, tomato, onions, a pickle, finally I add cheddar cheese and bacon. 

B&L Burger
Close up
The verdict, burger was sublime, amazing, the juices all over, the bun was nicely toasted, the cheese and bacon flavour plays well with the patty, fries quite good, and a nice and clean salad. 

The damage, 27 quid for the burger, fries, and a meantime lager. 

The conclusion, excellent burger, I had only two issues, first the meat wasn’t evenly cooked, I had parts that were medium rare other ones more into the medium zone, however the juices and flavour were there, the second one was the lettuce, it was too big for the bun, completely unbalanced my burger and the top bun, and I wasn’t happy to get rid of it as I like the crunchiness of a good romaine lettuce, having said that the flavour was right on target, if they solve those issues is a perfect score, it would also help a house sauce instead of mayo and ketchup. I will give them a solid 9 in my scale. Now I have to come back for the lobster. 

Burger Time
Lobster reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Bizarro Jerry” when Jerry is dating a girl that has man hands and while in a restaurant she is opening beers and cracking lobster with her man hands. 

Gillian: You have a little something on your face 
Jerry: I can get it 
Gillian: Eh, no-no, no-no. You're missing it, it's higher. It's an eyelash. Make a wish. 
Jerry: I don't want to 
Gillian: Make a wish. 
Jerry: Okay 
Gillian: Don't you just love lobster?

Burger & Lobster
T: 020 7409 1699
Burger and Lobster / Cocktails Bar
Aprox Damage: £27pp
Area: Mayfair
Borough: City of Westminster
Twitter: Londonlobster
Burger & Lobster on Urbanspoon

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