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The Arepa Strikes Back

Going to Caracas and not eating an Arepa after a night out is like going to Paris and don’t visit or even see the Eiffel tower. There are plenty of places to have the Venezuelan official after party snack, but two places caught my attention after recommendations of long time friends. 

Helsinki hello! Bad spelling is Arepa not Alepa!

We are talking about monster style arepas, nothing fancy, the type that could make any foodie enthusiast scream for forgiveness and cry of joy, hungry mobs flock to these places to have a bit of these beautiful but yet grotesque corn bread filled with unimaginable things. 

Home made
My first stop was El Budare del Este typical arepera, the joint has a long counter with all the fillings, tables, and a menu that goes from soups, salads, to the beloved arepas. But there are always some off the menu arepas, those are the ones we want, they give them nicknames such as La Llanera, Santa Barbara, La Corrida, etc. The one here to try has grilled diced meat, unique Venezuelan white cheese Telita, avocado, tomato, and some peppers. This arepa is delicious, there is so much going on here the meat perfectly cooked, the punch of the Telita cheese, and some drops of a local guasacaca (similar to a guacamole) to die for. 

Budare time
The first monster
Say cheese!
El Budare del Este
T: +58 212 993 88 72
Aprox Damage: BsF 100pp
Area: Las Mercedes
Borough: Baruta

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Second and last stop was La Caracas de Ayer, the place has this period decoration to remind you of the old Caracas, full of old pictures everywhere, but yet the same long counter and table display of any other arepera, looks like your grandmother opened an arepera at her house. The arepa here is quite similar, they change the cheese instead of Telita they use Guayanes which is another Venezuelan white cheese, finally they also add a pork chop. The flavours again is great, awesomeness in a grilled corn bread. 

Caracas de Ayer
Zulia beer
Grandma style
The second monster
La Caracas de Ayer
T: +58 212 993 65 81
Aprox Damage: BsF 100pp
Area: Las Mercedes
Borough: Baruta

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If you’re around don’t miss the chance. 

Monster reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Package” 

Newman: Gentlemen, gentlemen. I am so happy to see you both. There is just some inconsistencies I'd like to straighten out 
Jerry: I'm clean and you know it 
Newman: Clean? Hardly. This looks like a man that isn't happy with his stereo performance 
Jerry: Where did you get that? 
George: I think that's one of mine 
Newman: It looks like your breaking into it like an otter breaking into a clad 
Jerry: I don't know about that but I'm sure there is an explanation 
Newman: Yes. It's called mail fraud. Oohhhh! How I've longed for this moment Seinfeld. The day when I would have the proof I needed to hall you out of your cushy lair and expose to the light of justice as the monster that you are. A monster so vile 
Guy: Newman! 
Newman: There will be a small fine
Jerry: Okay


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