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Hoboken: New Jersey with a Cuban Appearance [On The Road/BurgeReview: Melbourne]

Reading Broadsheet, a digital magazine of Melbourne, I found about this little place called Hoboken. They are up to the task to give the city an old school cheeseburger in a place that the hype for burgers is at top levels. Owner Hugh Thorn and baker Dan Younger tested for 40 days different combinations until both were satisfied with their totally organic burger. 

The colourful place

Got to the place it’s in Hosier Lane, a picturesque house with the façade full of graffiti’s like the every other wall in the narrow street. Place inside is cozy and small, looks like a Cuban bar, simple, ceiling fans, shelves behind the counter with grains, beans, and other products, the only difference is no Cuban Son but Jimmy Hendrix. 

Inside the counter
Ordered a lemon soda and waited for my burger. Took a while to get, like good thinks, small burger or let’s say petite, but not too small to call it slider, thrice cooked hand cut fries with it, hopefully Heston Blumenthal style, as he says you need to do three things to get perfect chips with that unique crunchiness and glass like crust, crack them (boiled them until they’re falling apart), kill the moisture (steamed dry and put in the freezer at least an hour), hot oil (cooked in very hot oil). 

Burger Time
The burger was awesome, Hugh mate you pretty much nailed it, it’s old school, it’s full of flavour, cooked perfectly medium rare, juices all over, the melted cheese, the sauce awesome. Fries pretty much great as well, nice crunchy crust. 

Cross section
People will be talking for sure about this burger, only Wednesday to Friday nights, and only 60 burgers each night so first in first served. 

This Cuban look reminded me the Seinfeld episode “The Race” 

George: You wanted to see me, El Presidente? 
Castro: Si, si, muevete, come here. I understand you are very interested in one of our players, eh? 
George: Si, si 
Castro: Ordinarily I would not grant such a request but I've heard you are, uh, how you say, Comunista simpatico, eh? 
George: Muy simpatico, muy muy muy 
Castro: Well good, then you can have your pick 
George: Oh, oh! 
Castro: They will play for your Yankees 
George: Oh well, gracias El Comandante, gracias, muy muy 
Castro: And I would be honoured if you would be my guest for dinner tonight at the Presidential palace. There will be girls there and, I hear, some pretty good food. Of course the problem with parties is you invariably have to eat standing up which I don't care for but on the other hand I don't like to balance a plate on my lap either. Once when I was at a party, I put my plate on someone's piano. I assure you, if I had not been a dictator, I would not have been able to get away with that one

T: +61 3 9078 2869
Approx Damage: $AUD 21pp
Neighbourhood: CBD
Twitter: HobokenCafe
Hoboken Cafe on Urbanspoon

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