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You have to get In to get Out [On The Road / BurgeReview: San Francisco]

A place I was dying to go and try was In N Out Burger. I have read so many reviews, everybody loves it in the West Coast, even chef Thomas Keller goes to the joint to have their burgers. Well to make the long story short I had to go. 

In N Out
Fast food burger chain, West Coast locations only, opened in 1948 by couple Harry and Esther Snyder. More than 260 locations all privately owned. The place was hectic, completely packed, it was impossible to have a seat so we decided to eat in the bench were you wait for your order in front of the counters. 

Counter and the no-secret menu
I went for a double, double meat, double cheese, and onions, as a side some fries. Let me tell you something about the place there is a secret way to order, no it’s not a myth is true, this is not visible in the restaurant, and I discovered it after I visited the place. Basically you can have a 3x3 or even 4x4 (4 patties 4 cheese), how about going animal style, no! not the Muppets drummer, it’s basically mustard cooked patty, put some pickles, extra spread, and grilled onions. 

Many places where you can check the “Secret Menu” try their official site or for more detailed explanation go for Serious Eats or Badmouth

The burger was nice, bun slightly toasted, the spread which is some sort of improved thousand island is awesome, by the way you can ask more of the spread just like you usually do for ketchup or mayo. Fries were good, overall a nice fast food take on the American classic. My friends didn't like it, I kind of disagree think is good enough, probably we didn't see the complete magic as we didn't have any idea of how to order correctly. 

Sorry Double-Double next time you're going Animal
I think it's a must if you've one in the area, go for animal style as it sounds awesomeness in a bun. 

Animal reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Conversion” 

Kramer: Um, you wanted to see me Father? 
Father: Yes. Please, sit down. Sister Roberta came to see me yesterday 
Kramer: I know what this is about Father. I didn't do anything. I just spoke to her innocently for just a few minutes. It’s just that, that I have this power 
Father: Yes, Kavorka 
Kramer: Kavorka? 
Father: It is a Latvian word which means "the lure of the animal" 
Kramer: I don’t understand 
Father: Women are drawn to you. They would give anything to be possessed by you 
Kramer: Help me Father, help me 
Father: Yes, yes I will help you. Listen very carefully. I want you to buy ten cloves of garlic, three quarts of vinegar, six ounces…

In N Out
T: +1 800 786 1000
Approx Damage: $9pp
Area: Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco
Twitter: innoutburger
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Fernando Chapellin said...

Odo, this burger is medium to bad, nothing special about it. For the same price you can have the best burger in America (Five Guys). I had better burgers in Whopper Bar, Johnny Rockets, Five Guys or Fuddruckers. Sorry bro

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