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Andrew McConnell’s Cloud [On The Road: Melbourne]

Cumulus Inc is one of the busiest places to eat in Melbourne, the place opened in 2008 and serves Andrew McConnell's creations for breakfast, lunch, or diner. A menu created to give you a culinary journey, and as many other places around the city great to share, even though they give you the flexibility of half portions so you can enjoy the ride by yourself.

Door to the Cloud
The place
Nice and modern atmosphere, plain white décor giving a sense of space, and cleanliness, I got a seat at the bar, the perfect spot just overlooking the open kitchen, working as a well-oiled machine. First grilled octopus, smoked paprika and basil, outstanding, the flavour profile was great. I continued with a boudin noir, smoked tomato and parsley salad, perfect, the saltiness of the boudin with a fresh tomato and parsley gave a great balance. Then the foie gras parfait with toasted brioche, again top marks, the toasted bread attention to details, sweet notes gave dimension to the dish. Followed tuna tartare with crush green pea salad, light, subtle, and fresh. Finally grilled pork chop, braised white beans, mustard, and tarragon, a great end for an excellent meal, the surprise pork belly perfectly cooked, just great.

Bread time
The action
The bar
Pork time
I was so excited and in loved with the progression of the meal, I decided future visits where needed.

The second visit, pouring cats and dogs for breakfast time.

I returned for breakfast, couldn't missed the Wagyu corned beef and gruyere cheese toasted sandwich with tomato relish, awesome, great flavour of the corned beef, the melted stringy gruyere was perfect, nice relish, a perfect start of the day, one thing here for my US friends, portions are NOT US standards, this is quality not quantity, so no complains accepted you have been warned.

Sandwich time
Wagyu corned beef
Coffee time
Final visit, thunder and lightning in the menu.

Couldn't resist another visit, grilled ox tongue, pickled chilli, paprika and parsley, nice broth, even though it was almost as thick enough to call it sauce, too bad I ran out of bread to keep cleaning the plate, however the parsley gave a strong flavour, a bit too bitter, almost there I think they need do a fine tuning here. Then the kitchen charcuterie selection, just amazing cut of meats. To end fried soft shell crab, kimchi, lettuce and kewpie, best of the day, do it yourself style, the kimchi with the crab and the crunchiness of the lettuce Bravo!

Ox tongue
This journey reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Smelly Car

Clerk: Uh, what are you returning?
George: Rochelle, Rochelle
Clerk: Ah, Rochelle, Rochelle, a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk, that'll be, $3.49
George: $3.49? It says $1.49
Clerk: Well, you didn't rewind it, there's a $2.00 charge for not rewinding
George: What! There's no signs here! This is an outrage!
Kramer: George, don't give him any money for that. It'll cost you less to keep it another day, rewind it and bring it back tomorrow. Don't give him the satisfaction
George: I'm not giving you the satisfaction. I'm going to watch it again

Cumulus INC
T: +61 3 9650 1445
International Cuisine
Approx Damage: AU$ 50pp
Area: CBD
Twitter: CumulusInc
Cumulus Inc. on Urbanspoon


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