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Peruvian Takes London

A not so new place getting quite buzz in London is Peruvian cuisine restaurant and pisco bar Ceviche. I consider Peruvian food one of the best one, a truly fusion, had the luck in the past to visit Lima and it was a great culinary experience, so as soon as I saw Ceviche opened for business in the rainy city the only thing I could say was count me in. 

The Place
The founder Martin Morales, travelled across Peru finding the best recipes and across Britain for fresh fish. The offer the best Ceviche outside Lima which it’s a bold statement, but good to aim high. The place a narrow but long restaurant, at the front the ceviche bar with some stools, at the back white and aquamarine colour room with Latin American posters and some old photos. 

Tip Top
While waiting for my friend Anna I ordered a cusqueña and some Yucas, fried cassava with Huancaina sauce, nicely fried but they were tough instead of soft inside, probably they didn't boiled the cassava first, to make a truly remarkable fried yuca you must do the Heston thrice fried chips recipe basically, boiled them then fried it, that’s the way to keep it soft inside crunchy outside. 

Beer time
Anna arrived so we decided to share some dishes two ceviches, the traditional one Don Ceviche and the Pulpo al Olivo. The traditional, sea bass, aji amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, and red onions, flavour was nice, then the Pulpo one, braised octopus thinly sliced, with a Peruvian olives sauces, this one was superb, the sauce was perfect, the olive flavours and some capers played perfect with the octopus. 

Don Ceviche
Then we got some tequeños, a bit different to the ones we had in Venezuela, the dough they used was different, a wanton style, and the filling white cheese and some aji amarillo chilli while we use only a white cheese similar to a buffalo mozzarella, different but nice. Then we got heart anticucho, this is basically Peru street food 101, nicely cooked, traditional again, good flavour, next Jalea, a mix fried of prawns, squid, and fish with salsa criolla and anticuchera sauce, nice, nothing special, nicely fried, the sauces were good. Finally a Causa de Mar salad, a Peruvian potato cake topped with avocado, squid, and prawns, definitely the runner up of the day, pretty good flavours. 

Causa de Mar salad
Fried seafood
Nice traditional flavours, loved the different sauces, small portions, prices a bit on the high side for the size of the dishes, probably the miniaturisation effect that London culinary scene is experienced in the last years. 

Peru reminds me the Seinfeld episode "The Calzone"

Kramer: You got cigars, huh 
Jerry: I got some Cubans for George's wedding. They were more than I wanted to pay for but what the hell 
Kramer: Oh yeah baby. What are these? Producto de Peru? Jerry if you think these are Cubans you have another thing coming 
Jerry: Peru, I paid $300 bucks for these. I could have bought a house in Peru for $300 bucks

T: 020 7292 2040
Peruvian Cuisine
Approx Damage: £30pp
Area: Soho
Borough: City of Westminster
Twitter: martinceviche
Ceviche on Urbanspoon


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