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They Feast London

It might be really late when you read this review as Feast London Festival it’s only for 3 days but it’s superb and I felt obligated to write the review, hopefully someone will read these lines and decide to give it a go. 

The Place
Food markets and festivals are increasing in London, the success of The Long Table last year, and other approaches as Eat St have been really well received by Londoners. This year for only for 3 days from Friday 3 August to Sunday 5, Feast reunited the best London restaurants in one open yard, and make them go street food style. Names such as Anchor & Hope, Bahmi11, Barbecoa, Bread Street Kitchen, Hawksmoor, Jose Pizarro, Moro, St John Bread and Wine, Pizza Pilgrims, Yum Bun, Patty and Bun, and many others. 

Seating arrangements
The place St Thomas St in The Quad, Guy’s Hospital, 6 quid if you buy the ticket online, 8 on the door, they have tickets on the door so if it’s sold out online I will recommend to go early and you will be able to buy and enjoy the Feast. 

The Quad
I try to eat as much as I can, started with St John’s pig head’s stew, it was great, the meat, the combination of peas and radish, and to end the touch of the walnut paste was perfect. 

St John's menu
Stew time
Then I had smoked salmon from Hansen & Lydersen, they explain how they started in 1923, and took his old family recipe, bringing to London smoke salmon. What I tasted was a top quality delicate salmon. 

Hansen & Lydersen
Smoked Salmon
Then moved to a quick chat and a nice Napoli Salami pizza with my Pizza Pilgrims friends, James in charge of the house, delivering consistent great rustic pizza as usual. 

Pizza Time
Pilgrims in action
Also fresh half dozen of Oysters, delicious brought to you buy Borough Market residents Wright Brothers

Oyster time
I couldn't leave without trying Jose Pizarro gazpacho, fresh, nicely balance, it was great, definitely one of the best options in the yard, also had the chance to chat with Jose for a while about Iberico ham and the top quality products he’s using in his two restaurants Jose and Pizarro. 

Jose in action
End the day with Anchor & Hope chopped mustard rabbit and romesco, it was superb, great flavour, top quality, also in the podium for best food of the day. 

Rabbit time
Anchor & Hope menu
A friend of mine got Patty and Bun’s Ari Gold burger after I recommended, and he was amazed, top quality as usual, the juices, the sauce. Also ceviche is becoming more popular in London, and their representation was The Last Days of Pisco, apparently quite good as well. 

Patty & Bun
Ceviche time
Not everything is food, so you can enjoy some gin, beer, and other spirits, I got a couple of Meantime lager thanks to Background Bars. 

Drink time
A must if you’re in town, don’t miss it, hopefully it’s not too late when you read this.

Festivals remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Strike” 

Kruger: How about George? 
Frank: Good thinking, Kruger. Until you pin me, George, Festivus is not over! 
George: Oh, please, somebody, stop this! 
Frank: Let's rumble! 
Estelle: I think you can take him, Georgie! 
George: Oh, come on! Be sensible 
Frank: Stop crying, and fight your father! 
George: Ow! Ow! I give, I give! Uncle! 
Frank: This is the best Festivus ever!

Food Festival
Area: London Bridge
Borough: Southwark
Twitter: wefeastlondon


Anonymous said...

You're obviously more easily pleased than most. The food while tasy was hugely overpriced for tiny portions (even ignoring the £6 entrance fee). The bar was aerving illegal short measures (by trying to include more than 50% ice in your drink), Go over the road and have a proper meal at Borough Market.

Odo said...

Thanks for your comments, I don't really think I'm easily pleased. I agree with you regarding the prices, yet you have to remind most of the stalls there are not street food traditional ones but established restaurants, I don't consider I was broke or spent too much after the event and I ate a lot, places like Pizza Pilgrims, Patty and Bun, Yum Bun, and others they had same prices you will find in their other locations like eat st, soho, or any pop up pub their at residency... I think the food was superb, at least the one I tried, the portions were ok, the idea is not too big ones so you can try as many as you can.

Regarding the drinks I got beers all day and it was 4 quid for the bottle, definitely expensive, can't give any comments about other drinks as I didn't get any

Overall I think it was a nice event, a lovely day, even it rained for a while nobody move and stay eating at the place, live music, good friends, and great food, sorry you didn't enjoyed as much as I did.

Happy to hear your comments in other posts it's always good to hear people participating

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