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Avila Burger [On The Road: Caracas]

El Avila National Park
As soon as I arrived in Caracas all my friends were talking about Avila Burger, the new place in the Venezuelan capital offering a menu focus on burgers. Three excellent locations, one in Los Palos Grandes, other one in El Hatillo, and the newest one in Las Mercedes, good reviews from all my friends, and a terrific buzz in town. 

The place
Marisol took me to their location in El Hatillo, disorganised front of the house, they weren't prepared for the huge traffic of patrons trying to get one of their burgers, a huge bar completely unutilised, I don’t know who is the mastermind behind the business but seriously, you have a queue of at least 10 people waiting for tables, and have an empty 8 bar sits, no food in the bar seriously, hello! You’re a burger joint not Gordon Ramsay three Michelin starred restaurant. 

The empty bar
Moving on, the burgers have traditional Venezuelan names from our magnificent National Park, Oriental, Pajarito, La Silla, Corta Fuego, Humbolt, etc, which was excellent, adapting the concept to the local market, I almost forget them about the bar situation. I went for the special one, 4 toppings you decide, my selection, blue cheese, jalapeño pepper, bacon, and mushrooms. Ok I know, blue cheese in Venezuela, not a good choice, but I was expecting some local cheese, basically was that one or cheddar, no guayanes, no telita, etc. Got my burger, good appearance  but patty is not made from scratch, they use commercial pre packed patties, not the best flavour, with so many good beef in South America, pre packed? Really? Only 3 restaurants and you cannot grind a nice beef and do the patties from scratch. Burger cooked well done, zero juices from the beef, cheese regular as expected, bacon inconsistent, some were crispy other saggy, no bacon punch or flavour at all, jalapeño spicy touch nice. 

Burger time
The special one
As side fried yam which was crispy outside and soft inside really nice. 

Burger time
Overall not the finest burger I have had, I went with huge expectations from my friends, and in my humble opinion they didn't deliver, I think their intentions are the right ones but they need to make adjustments to offer a quality product, so far it's just another fast food option. 

Mountain reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Pool Guy” 

Kramer: Hello and welcome to Movie phone. Brought to you by the New York Times and Hot 97. Coming to theatres this Friday, Kevin Bacon, Susan Sarandon, you've got to get me over that mountain! Now, ah! There is no place higher than, mountain high. Rated R. If you know the name of the movie you'd like to see, press 1 
Elaine: Kramer, is that you? 
Kramer: Elaine? 
Elaine: Uh, what time does Chow Fun start? 
Kramer: I don't know

Avila Burger
T: +58 212 211 5487
Burger Joint
Approx Damage: BsF140pp
Area: El Hatillo
Twitter: Avila_Burger

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