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Burger Wars Epidose LVI: A Short Film called Burger [BurgeReview]

The Player
A long time ago in Borough not so far away I visited a burger stall in Netil Market. The place no other than Lucky Chip. I immediately felt in love with their burgers. Executed properly, great flavours, and a decent waiting time to get your treat. The cinephile place, as they named most of their special burgers after Hollywood actors. Their new venture Slider Bar. Pop-up style, in a Soho bar named The Player

Lucky Chip is in da'house
Dark neons
Dim lights, packed night, and booze wandering around. It took us 5 minutes to get our table on a Saturday night, not bad at all. The menu includes a couple starters, Mac-N-Cheese, chicken bucket, and pork tacos. For sliders, the Lucky classics with even the special guest appearance. 

We went for the Mac-N-Cheese, five cheeses and truffles. It was ok, good flavour but nothing beyond this world. Then 4 sliders, the lucky ones, El Chappo, Double Cheeseburger, Royale wit Cheese, and the weekly special Danny Trejo. 

Slider time
The verdict, the sliders were superb, great flavours. El Chappo amazing as usual, almost as good as the NYC Spotted Pig blue cheese burger. Danny Trejo with a performance worthy of an Oscar, flavours all there, the combination of spinach with sour cream, chipotle mayo, touch of jalapeno, and bacon just amazing. 

The damage, 10 quid for two sliders and fries 

The conclusion, great sliders, no disappointments, the full flavours that the Lucky gang are used to deliver. The fries not their finest, there is room for improvement, but the mini burgers were amazing, all of them. I will give a 9 in my scale, just fix the fries and you will get the Oscar for Best Burger. 

More sliders
Close up
All these burgers with actor names remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Mom & Pop Store” 

Jerry: Hey! Did you get the Volvo? 
George: No, I decided to go with an '89 LeBaron 
Elaine: A LeBaron?
Jerry: I thought Consumer said Volvo was the car 
George: What Consumer? I'm the consumer
Jerry: All right. Seems like a strange choice
George: Well, maybe so, but it was good enough for Mr. Jon Voight
Elaine: Jon Voight? The actor? 
George: That's right. He just happened to be the previous owner of the vehicle
Jerry: You bought a car because it belonged to Jon Voight?
George: No, no
Jerry: I think yes, yes. You like the idea of telling people you're driving Jon Voight's car
George: All right, maybe I do. So what
Elaine: I've never even seen him in a car. I mean, look at his movies. No cars. Deliverance, canoe. Midnight Cowboy, boots. Runaway Train, runaway train

Slider Bar
T: 020 7065 6841
Approx Damage: £18pp
Area: Soho
Borough: City of Westminster
Twitter: sliderbar
Slider Bar on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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