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Let’s talk about Empanadas [On The Road/Recipe: Caracas]

Empanadas or Pasteles are typical South American pastry. You can find these stuffed pastries baked or fried, in Venezuela usually the fried version is the popular one. Its origin in the new continent is tied to Galicia and Portugal which makes completely sense with the huge Spanish and Portuguese communities spread around Latin America. 

Empanada time
While in Caracas Empanadas are a must, and during my last trip I went to one of the most popular places. Hidden gem, popular by their drinks (natural fruit juices) and well known by joggers that usually climb the Avila in Sabas Nieves. The place Fruteria La Holandesa, an independent juice bar, fruit and vegetable vendor, with some other groceries. The main attraction, empanadas and natural juices. 

The place
The counter
The empanadas in La Holandesa are amazing. They have a good selection, including some gourmet ones. I got a good representation of their fried ones, including Capresa (mozarella, and tomato), shredded beef, ham and cheese, and finally a baked one with mushrooms and olives. 

The cheese
Fried one
Baked one
Just go there and ask Carmelina to give you a soursop juice and some empanadas. 

The recipe is going to depend on the filling you want, you can have complicated ones with beef, chicken, pabellon (shredded beef, black beans, and plantains) and cazon (dogfish) preparations. Or simple ones like capresa (buffalo mozzarella and basil), and cheese. 

So I’m going for the cheese empanada as it’s one of my favourites. 


1 cup of flour 
1 ¼ cup water 
½ teaspoon salt 
½ teaspoon sugar 
Vegetable/Olive Oil to deep fried (I use olive oil) 
Shredded cheddar cheese 

To prepare the dough, mix the flour (I use the same pre cooked maize flour “Harina Pan” from the Arepa’s recipe) with the salt and sugar in a bowl. Then add water slowly and knead the mix with your hands until has a uniform soft consistency. Form a big ball with the dough, and cut it in 4 or 6 smaller pieces. 

Now on a flat surface (tray) put a plastic wrap. Form a small dough ball with the pieces. Put the dough on top of the wrap an flatten in a thin circular form. Add the filling, in this case cheese. Then carefully close it forming a semicircle, just like if you are doing with a taco. Press the edges to close the empanada, gently with a fork press the edges again, and that’s basically it. 

Flatten the dough
Add the filling
Closing the empanada
Heat the oil, when is in temperature ready, deep fry the empanada. 

Frying time
Almost ready
Ready to eat
Buen provecho.

All these fruit reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Mango” 

Jerry: Hey Joe 
Joe: How is it going? 
Jerry: Good, just getting some fruit for myself. Got to have fruit in the house. I like it as a snack. Wholesome, natural, chock-full of vitamins. I don't know let's see mangos, four plums with red on the inside, avocado, just right, and three plantains ought to do it 
Joe: All right, all right, just hold it right there 
Jerry: What? 
Joe: This fruit isn't for you 
Jerry: What, what are you talking about? 
Joe: You think I don't know? Mangos, plantains, plums with the red on the inside, that's Kramer! 
Jerry: I can't buy mangos and plantains? 
Joe: All right, get out! 
Jerry: You're making a big mistake, Joe! 
Joe: I'll tell you something else, I don't what your business anymore either 
Jerry: You're saying you're banning me from the store? 
Joe: That's exactly what I'm saying 
Jerry: I'm banned? 
Joe: You're banned

Fruteria La Holandesa
Juice Bar / Breakfast
Approx Damager: Bs30
Area: Altamira

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