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No more resolutions and the 2012 Yada Yada Awards

Looking in retrospective it was quite a great year. We held the Olympic games here in London. The Rolling Stones did a handful of shows to celebrate their 50 years and charged outrageous prices for the tickets, you could basically buy all their records and dvds an still have money to get a meal in the Fat Duck. The best of all these was the typical political incorrectness of them making fun of that during the show. 

The Rolling Stones ready for the show
Checking my resolutions for 2012 I spent half of my time travelling to great new places such as Melbourne, Brisbane, and Charleston. I ate quite an amazing repertoire of new things that were great. And basically enjoyed as much as I could. I guessed for 2013 I should roll over some of my resolutions, try to do more exercise, keep in touch with the family, and the food related one should be easy to tackle. 

London ready for the Olympic Games
Yada Yada Awards 2012 

Here is my top of 2012 in my humble search for soul food… 

Yada Gluttony: The Llanera Arepa from Budare del Este in Caracas, you eat one of those then you can check out from the seven deadly sins list gluttony
Yada Asian: An Iron Chef was the success in Asian food. Morimoto in Napa Valley an amazing and unbelievable experience
Yada Burger: The Spotted Pig in NYC, April Bloomfield takes Manhattan by surprise with this amazing Gastro Pub
Yada Wings: Gami and their Korean Fried Chicken in Melbourne
Yada Curry: Dishoom in Covent Garden London
Yada New Kid on the Block: Upstairs at the Ten Bells. Iconic place and a great British restaurant
Yada Spaniard: Movida in Melbourne. Great Spanish cuisine and tapas bar
Yada Tapas: Jose a great sherry bar in Bermondsey
Yada Brunch: The Big Nasty from Hominy Grill restaurant in Peninsular Charleston
Yada Sandwich: Donald Link Muffuletta in his New Orleans’ restaurant Butcher
Yada Dawg: Big Apple Hot Dog and the Blog Eat Blog competition
Yada Market: Feast London. Two great events
Yada Food Truck: Pizza Pilgrims from London. My friends James and Tom left their jobs to get into the pizza business in a Piaggio Ape van trading in Soho
Yada Steakhouse: Moo Moo Grill in Brisbane. The flat iron 100% Wagyu is the best steak I have ever tried
Yada BBQ: Blue Smoke in NYC, wings and ribs to die for
Yada Tex-Mex: Border Grill in Vegas, Top Chef Masters Susan Fleniger and Mary Sue Milliken place
Yada Discovery of the Year: Cumulus Inc in Melbourne. Andrew McConnell’s amazing creations
Yada Revelation: FIG in Charleston. A great restaurant in a great culinary centre
Yada European: St John Hotel in Chinatown. A great place to eat British cuisine in Chinatown
Yada Fast Food: Panzerotti from Luini in Milano, an authentic Italian institution
Yada Odd: Liquid nitrogen ice cream in Camden Town from Chin Chin Labs
Yada Seafood: Charbroiled oysters at Drago’s in New Orleans
Yada Cheap: Pork steam bun in Chinatown London. Yang Guang Supermarket treats only 1.5 quid for each of these amazing buns
Yada Italian: Osteria Riva in Sydney. Best Italian cuisine I have tried outside Italy
Yada Pizza: Di Fara in Brooklyn. A legend in pizza making Domenico DeMarco
Yada Top Chef: Burger Bar in Las Vegas. Top Chef Master Hubert Keller burger place and his $60 burger
Yada Bourdain Tip: Domilise’s Po’Boy sandwich in New Orleans
Yada Coffee: Pietro Carbone educating Venezuela in the arts of coffee from his clothes shop Nino Carbone
Yada Michelin: Hakkasan in London. Great Chinese food

Happy New Year from London
I wish you all a Happy New Year and the best for 2013. I can’t leave without a quote from the Seinfeld episode “The Yada Yada

Marcy: You know, a friend of mine thought she got Legionnaire’s disease in the hot tub 
George: Really? What happened?
Marcy: Oh, yada yada yada, just some bad egg salad. I'll be right back
Jerry: I noticed she's big on the phrase yada yada
George: Is yada yada bad?
Jerry: No, yada yada is good. She's very succinct
George: She is succinct
Jerry: Yeah, it's like you're dating USA Today



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