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Let’s duck for the view

A place that has been on my radar to go visit is Duck & Waffle. The place is in the 40 floor of the Heron Tower. Outstanding and breath taking views of the city, excellent décor and ambience, an open kitchen to hear the noises and smell the aromas, and more important innovative and creative cuisine from chef Daniel Doherty. 

The dinning
I got to the place and tried basically everything. Starting with battered sausages. They were quite nice, a puffy battered, crispy, not oily. The mustard was nice, English one a bit mild, probably they mix it with a mayo base to reduce the strength of the traditional English mustard. 

Battered Sausages
Waiting with a Saint
Then we got roasted octopus. Excellent explosion of flavours, the chorizo and octopus played well balanced, nice acidity from the lemon, excellent dish. 

Brick oven seared scallops with creamed parsnip, golden raisins, and capers. It was nice the sweet touch of the parsnip cream and the raisins was good. But I have to say it was the weakest link of the night. 

Spicy Ox cheek doughnut with apricot jam. Amazing, one of my favourites, great execution, clever, the shredded ox cheek inside the doughnut ball was great, and the paprika touch on the doughnut spot on. 

Ox cheek doughnut
Jerusalem artichoke ravioli with wilted turnip tops, hazelnuts, and aged pecorino. Amazing, it was one of the highlights of the night. Great dish, nice balance, and the truffle oil drizzle was perfect. Another of my favourite of the day. 

Foie gras all day breakfast. Amazing, great execution, an all day breakfast on a toast. Nice touch from the foie gras twist. 

Foie Breakfast
The week special, a roasted pumpkin, with speck, crème fraiche, chilli, and almonds in a gratin. It was ok, not my favourite for sure. Good flavour, but I think it need something to push it and complete the dish. 

Special roasted pumpkin
Finally, I couldn’t leave without the duck and waffle. Really nice, great execution. The maple syrup was excellent and played quite well with the crispy duck leg. 

Duck & Waffle
Excellent place, the food is amazing. I just recommend to book ahead of time, as the bouncer downstairs is a bit of a… you now what. I tried to get there one night for diner and he didn’t like what I was wearing so he didn’t let us through. Sadly is the typical I want to keep the place posh and make a queue downstairs attitude. He should have recognised, and I stated clearly that I was going to eat something and not partying at the bar. 

The view
Thanks god that my curiosity for the place and their cuisine was bigger than the initial disappointment I got thanks to the muppet at the door, because the food is indeed quite good and I usually would have felt offended and put off my visit. 

Waffle reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Deal” 

Jerry: You don't understand. I'm in a very delicate position. Whatever I give her, she's going to be bringing in experts from all over the country to interpret the meaning behind it
George: What does she need? Maybe there's something that she needs
Jerry: I think I heard her say something about a bench
George: A bench? What kind of a bench?
Jerry: I don't know, but she mentioned a bench
George: What, like at a bus stop?
Jerry: I don't know
George: Like a park bench?
Jerry: I have no idea
George: Who puts a bench in their house?
Jerry: Forget the bench
George: I got it. You want to get her something nice? How about a music box?
Jerry: No, too relationshippy. She opens it up, she hears that Laura's theme, I'm dead
George: Okay, what about a nice frame, with a picture of another guy in it. Frame says I care for you, but if you want to get serious, perhaps you'd be interested in someone like this
Jerry: Nice looking fellow
George: What about candleholders?
Jerry: Too romantic
George: Lingerie?
Jerry: Too sexual
George: Waffle maker
Jerry: Too domestic
George: Bust of Nelson Rockefeller
Jerry: Too Gubernatorial
George: Let's work on the card

Duck & Waffle
T: 020 3640 7310
European Cuisine
Approx Damage: £60pp
Area: Aldgate
Borough: City of London
Twitter: DuckandWaffle
Duck & Waffle on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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