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A Cold Feast with Coffee Enquiry XVI

London is keeping the pace and hype with the street food events. Not so long ago Feast brought another version of their festival. This time the venue was the amazing Tobacco Dock, they are improving the place with every event. The place an impressive 19th century warehouse, nice traders, and good organisation. Sadly really cold would have been great for a summer event if we get a summer here in the UK this year. 

The Dock
My victims for this event were: 

I really was looking forward for this trader. I have heard a lot about their chicken and so far no luck to be able to try it. The Spit & Roast team came with their chicken bap. Spicy Korean sauce, buttermilk chicken, fennel slaw, all together in a bap. Awesome, couldn’t be better, the chicken perfectly cooked crispy and tender, nicely balanced, I definitely need to eat more often this buttermilk chicken. 

The bap and its son the slider
Spit & Roast
Street Food / Chicken
Approx Damage: £6pp
Twitter: SpitandRoast

The Hoxton Square rustic restaurant with a menu around artisan British food. Their offer for the event braised shin of beef and a cauliflower soup. I went for the soup and actually got the last portion of the day as it was completely sold out. Well the soup was creamy, great seasoning, good flavours, with all the reasons to be sold out. If the rest of their dishes are similar Monikers is a place to check in the future. 

T: 020 7739 6022
British Cuisine
Approx Damage: £20pp
Twitter: MonikersHSQ

My third stop was Rita’s for more chicken bap. The Dalston pop up place that I have been trying to visit. Their bap was also buttermilk chicken but different battered and seasoning, nice spicy sauce, good flavours. It’s hard and sometimes unfair to compare but I kind of like more Spit & Roast’s bap. 

Rita's Bap

Rita's Bar & Dining
Approx Damage: £15pp
Twitter: RitasDining

My friends the Pilgrims are always present in these events with their nice rustic pizza. I went for my favourite the Nduja, nice flavours, same good quality. 

The Pilgrims
Pizza Time
Pizza Pilgrims
T: 077 8066 7258
Approx Damage: £10pp
Twitter: pizzapilgrims

The seasonal supperclub, rooftop style in the summer and heater ready for the winter. They came with their Fonduta fingers. Fontal cheese and slow roasted smoked loin of pork in ciabatta bread. The cheese is a nuttier, younger, and softer version of the Fontina called Fontal. The grilled ciabatta cheese sandwich was ok. Good flavour, a nice melted cheese, nice flavour from the pork. I have to say it was the weaker dish I ate during the day. 

Forza Win
Fonduta Fingers
Forza Win
Approx Damage: £4pp
Twitter: forzawin

Coffee Enquiry XVI: Caravan on the road 

I ended the day with a coffee from Caravan. The only coffee vendors at the place. Really nice flat white, creamy, good flavour from the coffee, nice punch, and even a latte art. Their blend comes from Arabica beans roasted by them. 

Coffee Time
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco
Beans: Caravan
Score: 4/5

T: 020 7833 8115
Coffee / Roastery
Approx Damage: £2pp
Twitter: CaravanExmouth

This entire chicken feast reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Chicken Roaster” 

Jerry: Seth, you're the manager, can't you turn off that sign?
Seth: Jerry I lied. I'm just an assistant manager. Number sixty seven, family feast
Newman: Number 67, right here, right here!
Jerry: Hello Newman
Newman: Hello Jerry
Seth: And don't forget your steamed broccoli
Jerry: Hold it. Broccoli? Newman, you wouldn't eat broccoli if it was deep fried in chocolate sauce
Newman: I love broccoli, it’s, good for you
Jerry: Really? Then maybe you'd like to have a piece?
Newman: Gladly… Vile weed!
Jerry: It's Kramer isn't it? I knew it! The greasy doorknob the constant licking of the fingers, he's hooked to the chicken isn't he?

Tobacco Dock
Area: Wapping
Borough: Tower Hamlets

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