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Wurst Madness in Wien [On The Road: Vienna]

Blood over there, sausages over here, I'm living in a slaughter house 
Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld episode “The Blood”) 

Similar to Berlin and Copenhagen the Würstelstand (traditional Austrian sausage street food stand) are everywhere in Vienna. In every corner there is a hot dong cart. So I took the task of visiting a couple ones taking recommendations from Anthony Bourdain, Lonely Planet, and the city Tourist Information. 

The One in the Brewery 

This is not a stand but a restaurant. The place 1516 Brewing Company, a mix between a microbrewery and a pub. We ended there the first day, as I wanted to get the burger plus was extremely hungry and I was completely disoriented. Big mistake, the cheddar burger with BBQ sauce and aioli didn’t get top marks. 

Come on Yankees
Marisol ordered the Currywurst, traditional Berlin style, similar to the one I got there, but the sausage was not cut into small pieces. The sausage didn’t impress either to be honest. If you go to the place do it for the beer. 

1516 Brewing Company
T: +43 1 961 1516
Microbrewery / Pub
Approx Damage: €17pp
Area: Innere Stadt

The One near the hotel 

Or second experience was in a street stand. We failed to have dinner at 9:30pm as the kitchen of the place we went was closed at that time, so we returned to the hotel and spotted the hot dog cart and proceed to investigate. 

The place Schnellimbis in Rennweg with Ungargasse. This was our first Käsekrainer or the cheese sausage. Convenient location for us, it solved our situation but far from the greatest one. 

Schnellimbis Zune Kleine
Hot Dog Stand
Approx Damage: €3pp
Area: Landstraße

The One in Naschmarkt 

We spotted the place Heisse und Kalte Wurstwaren while wandering around the market. The place is hiding turning from Urbanek. The owner Paul is ready to help, all kinds of sausages, we went for another Käsekrainer and the spicy Klobasse or Burenwurst. 

Sausage men
These sausages were much better, great flavour, really nice. The Burenwurst has a bit of bacon in the mix, and you know everything tastes better with bacon. 

Sausage Time
Heisse und Kalte Wurstwaren
Hot Dog Stand
Approx Damage:€4pp
Area: Mariahilf

The One in Albertina 

As I mentioned they are everywhere, the one in Albertinaplatz is Bitzinger, perfect location between Café Mozart, the Staatsoper, and Albertina. Therefore before having a torte in Mozart we cross the street and got the smoky sausage or Waldviertler. 

Really nice, good flavour, you will easily recognise it as has a dark skin. The place is quite popular with punters going to the opera. 

Smoky time
Hot Dog Stand
Approx Damage: €4pp
Area: Innere Stadt
Twitter: JBitzinger

The One in the Middle of the Street 

This is the famous one, where Anthony Bourdain went at the end of his No Reservation episode. Würstelstand am Hohen Markt is on a traffic island in the middle of the Innere Stadt. 

Our Stand in the middle of the street
The place
We got the garlic one here or Debreziner, the sausage is seasoned with garlic and paprika. Really nice one, great flavour, perfect for a snack while sightseeing and wandering around the old city. 

Würstelstand am Hohen Markt
Hot Dog Stand
Approx Damage: €3pp
Area: Innere Stadt

The One in Prater 

Just at the entrance of Prater you can have a wurst while riding the Wiener Riesenrad. The place is another Bitzinger. By that time we tried most of the sausages so we went back to basics and got the Käsekrainer. 

Again nice, good flavour, almost as good as the one in the market. 

Hot Dog Stand
Approx Damage: €4pp
Area: Leopoldstadt
Twitter: JBitzinger

The One in the Rathaus 

During our visit it was the Music Film Festival, so the Rathaus was taken hostage by a huge screen and plenty food and drink stalls. We visited the fair in a couple occasions, nice beer, all kind of food, and we couldn’t resist trying the würst stand Wiener Rathauskeller and some beers from Ottakringer

The stand in the Rathaus
We got again the Käsekrainer, really nice, they serve the sausage without cutting it into pieces, the employee got a bit annoyed when I asked him to cut it. But after a bit of rambling in German he proceeded to do it. The beers were really nice, good selection. Good flavour, lovely beers, and fun time in a great festival.

Final Kasekrainer
Say Cheese
Beer time
Wiener Rathauskeller
Hot Dog Stand
Approx Damage: €3pp
Area: Innere Stadt


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