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Coffee Crawl in Berlin [On The Road: Berlin]

My censoring system broke down. You know that little guy in your head who watches everything you say? Makes sure you don't make a mistake? He went for a cup of coffee, and in that second ruined my life

Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld episode “The Apartment”)

Last week we went to Berlin to chill out during the bank holiday. One thing missing during previous meetings was getting a taste on the coffee scene in Berlin, checking new independent places and how the city is doing with the Third Wave of Coffee.

A small cafe on Hausvogteiplatz in Mitte. Some savory and sweet treats, and a couple tables outside. 

The Coffee Place
Cappuccino nice, a bit mild the coffee, marzipan croissant was really good, latte art work in progress. The weakest of all the coffee cups we had during our trip.

First coffee
Espresso Machine: Faema
Beans: Soldberg & Hansen
Score: 3/5

An organic coffee and juice bar pop up in the bikini berlin mall beside the zoo in Charlottenburg. The anecdote of the place was getting a glimpse of the mandrills while tasting our brew beverage.

Funk You
Strong coffee, perfect bitterness, no latte art and some issues with the froth on the milk but apart from that quite good coffee. You can also have fresh pressed and blended juices.

Funk You Coffee
Espresso Machine: Faema
Beans: Bonanza
Score: 4/5

A stunning minimalistic and designer influenced coffee shop just a couple steps away from Check Point Charlie in Kreuzberg.

The designer coffee shop
Flat white really nice, creamy, a bit mild the beans but good flavour, and excellent extraction. Superb latte art

Breakfast time
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco
Beans: Drop Coffee
Score: 5/5

Another small independent coffee place, simple, rustic, with sweet treats and coffee located in Mitte.

The Barn
We got an apple strudel, a flat white, and a macchiato. Excellent coffee, lovely flavour, not too strong, sweet, latte art top marks

Coffee Time
Espresso Machine: Synesso
Beans: The Barn
Score: 5/5

Independent coffee place located besides the markthalle neun in Kreuzberg, small, rustic, and busy. 

Cafe 9
I got a macchiato, great coffee, the stronger we got in Berlin, excellent extraction, and top latter art.

Small cup one
Espresso Machine: La Marzocco
Beans: Cafe 9 house blend
Score: 5/5

Coffee roasters that also have a coffee shop with a raw retro look, a beautiful Spirit espresso machine, and some irreverent touches in Prenzlauer Berg. The place is perfectly located to drop by before going to the Flohmarkt in Mauerpark.

Why you need Cosmo when you have Hobo
We got a flat white creamy, sweet, a bit mild but still really good. Top latte art.

Espresso Machine: Kees van der Westen - Spirit 
Beans: Bonanza
Score: 5/5

The place is some sort of industrial meets a relax hippie place in Mitte. We spotted an intellectual corner with a nice sofa and a small bookcase filled with some arts and novel books that we couldn't resist.

The Place
Last stop
We got a couple flat whites. The coffee was extremely good, it was creamy with sweet notes, a bit stronger than the others we tried but still a bit mild for me. Spot on latte art

Oslo Coffee
Espresso Machine: Kees van der Westen - Spirit
Beans: Bonanza
Score: 5/5



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