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Positive Eating + Positive Living

One of UK’s busiest chains is definitely Wagamama, the concept pan Asian noodle restaurant, several locations including 70 in the UK and 36 in the rest of the world, simple decor in their restaurants, fast and friendly service, and a positive attitude.


The Menu

Wagamama is the kind of place you know you will get value for your money, and enjoy a tasty meal. Personally I preferred Hare & Tortoise due to a more varied menu, but in my last visits I have been observing a miniaturising effect in the food Hare is serving, on the other hand Wagamama is keeping their portions as usual, and also adding new options to their menu.

Calamari: Acceptable

Special Fried Beef Rice: Exceptional sadly out of the menu

My favourite dishes are for starters or side duck gyoza, chicken tebasaki, and the new special pork ribs, and as main yaki soba, the classic chicken katsu curry, or beef teriyaki soba. It’s usually good to check their specials they change from time to time and you might find a good surprise there.

Chicken Wings: Quite Good

Chilli Men Chicken: Good

What you need to know is simple, ramen and soba are thin wheat egg noodles, rice noodles are medium thick egg and gluten free, and finally udon are thick egg free noodles. If you pass by you will have big portions, reasonable price, good quality, and excellent service. I can't remember how many times I have eaten there but what I can say is that every time I had tasty food and completely standard, a consistent service, quality, and delivery.

Summer Roll: OK

Pork Ribs: Amazing

Chicken Katsu Curry: A True Classic

Noodles remind me the Seinfeld episode “The Foundation” where Elaine is up to the task to run Peterman’s catalogue.

Elaine: Oh, Peterman ran off to Burma, and now he wants me to run the catalogue.
Kramer: Where?
Jerry: Myanmar.
Kramer: The discount pharmacy?
Elaine: Well, I'm just gonna tell him no. I can't run the catalogue.
Kramer: Whoa, whoa. Can't? When did that word enter your vocabulary? What? Is the job too difficult? What, you don't have enough experience? Oh, you're not smart enough? Where's your confidence? Look, Elaine, let me tell you a story. When I first studied karate...
Elaine: Karate?
Kramer: Yeah, karate. I had no support. Not from him, not from Newman, no one. The first time I sparred with an opponent, I was terrified. My legs, they were like noodles. But then I looked inside, and I found my katra.
Elaine: Katra?
Kramer: Yeah, your spirit, your, uh, being. The part of you that says, "Yes, I can!"
Jerry: Sammy Davis had it.
Kramer: So I listened to my katra and now I'm dominating the dojo. I'm class champion.
Elaine: Well, you know, I, I have watched Peterman run the company.
Kramer: Sure you have.
Elaine: I know how to do it. Pair of pants, a stupid story, a huge markup. I can do that.
Kramer: You follow your katra, and you can do anything. Now get out of here.
Elaine: Okay.
Kramer: That kid is gonna be all right.
Jerry: No, she's not.

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