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Pulled Pork street food and the Big Ben

Hiding under the Hungerford Bridge near the South Bank Centre you will find American street food at its best. From time to time I have to go to a partner’s office in Blackfriars and I used to walk from there to Waterloo station. A couple days back I just remembered a post from Hanna about a food truck in Waterloo, Pitt Cue Co, so I decided to give it a try.

Pitt Cue Co

Food Truck

Got to the car and asked for their specialty, the answer was pulled pork, if you are going to try my food only once I would recommend that. How could I resist to a Gloucester smoked over hickory slow cooked pull pork. AMAZING! The pork was tender, juicy, and definitely well seasoned. To join the pork coleslaw or beans, I went for the slaw which was quite good as well and giving a good balance to the pork. The presentation a cardboard box with the coleslaw at the bottom, the pulled pork on top, a touch of special spicy sauce, some pickles and a chargrilled bread, what can be better? I tell you what, the view, the end of the Southbank with a glimpse of London eye and Westminster.

Pulled Pork 

The View

Friendly staff and a good selection of cocktails and shots complement the experience. Before leaving they gave me to try a bite of the Brisket, and it is as good as the pork. It was so good that the day after I came back, yes, I went for more, so I ordered the Brisket and this time I asked also for pickleback, two shots, one of rye whiskey and the other one pickle brine, all these with a small pot of pork crackling, just excellent.

Isn't the Cardboard Box Pretty?

Brisket time 

Pickleback and Skins

I definitely will be coming back for more, again. Pitt Cue Co will be under the bridge until September 4 so hurry up and go as soon as you can, you won’t regret it.

Brisket reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Robbery”.

George: I love the mirror in that bathroom! I don't know what in the hell it is: I look terrific in that mirror. I don't know if it's the tile or the lighting. I feel like Robert Wagner.
Jerry: It's a good mirror. So, what are you getting?
George: I don't know, I can't eat, I, I can't have anything anymore. Look at this, look at this: eggs: out, coffee: out, french fries: out, BLT: out! I go to visit my grandparents, three big brisket sandwiches, I'm sitting here with a carrot! They're closing in on a hundred, I'm saying to them: "How can you eat that stuff?!" I'm so sick about losing that choose, you don't know.
Jerry: Oh, right, forget it, forget it, I'm not taking the place!
George: What?
Jerry: How can I live there?
George: Why not?
Jerry: Look at you, you're still thinking about it, I'll never feel comfortable.
George: Oh, get out a here.
Jerry: How can I ever have you over? You'll sit there moping.
George: Mope?
Jerry: You're already moping! Would you take the place?
George: No, impossible! It's your apartment.
Jerry: You found the place.
George: You won the choose.
Jerry: All right, forget it, it's over, I'm not moving.
George: Well, me neither.
Jerry: Definitely?
George: Definitely.


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