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Mahmut where is my Kebab?

Until a couple days before going to Berlin I didn’t know that the inventor of the Doner Kebab was Mahmut Aygun, and moreover he invented it in Berlin. The Kebab King as he was known probably desperate to get rid quickly of drunken Berliners at the wee hours, decided in an act of desperation to put their traditional Turkish Kebab which was by that time served in a dish with rice to be served inside a bread, genious isn’t he?

Rotisserie at Hasir, I wonder if Mahmut said Donner I'm your Father Star Wars Style

So on March 2nd 1971 at the Hasir restaurant in West Berlin Mahmut stroke pure gold. As you can imagine I couldn’t resist to try one of these babies in their birthplace. I did a little bit of research, The visit to Hasir one was for sure, but it might be that some other curious Turkish street food provider went a step forward into Kebab evolution, so after many days of intensive research, and I mean googling and checking every Berlin tour guide I had the time and chance to check I found a contender.

Hasir Brithplace of the Donner Kebab

Schlemmerbuffet the contender

Schlemmerbuffet the contender

What a name, convenient located in Mitte (exactly in Scheunenviertel) not far if you’re having drinks in Prenzlauer Berg. Got to the place and asked for a special one. I guess the difference in the special was a white cheese he added. It was amazing, highly recommended, what struck me as divine intervention was the bread, is not the typical pitta kind we are used to get in London and in NY with the Kebabs, Shawarmas, and Gyros, no it’s thicker and has this amazing texture that plays great with the meat, the salad, the sauces, and in this case the cheese.


The Bad Boy, please appreciate the bread

T: +49 30 2832153
Turkish Cuisine
Area: Mitte
Borough: Mitte

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Hasir the immortal one

Got to Hasir on a rainy day in Berlin, opposed to London apparently rainy days are not so often. Sat on a table, and after having mixed thoughts I decided to eat like a civilised human being, also Tony  Bourdain again trick me into that as I watched his show as usual before my trip and he got this amazing red lentils soup. So asked for the soup and a Iskender Kebab. Soup was glorious, and the Kebab excellent, the Iskender came with yoghurt and a spicy tomato based sauce.

Inside, the queue for the Take Away


Lentils Soup

Iskender Kebab

T: +49 30 61659222
Turkish Cuisine
Area: Kreuzberg
Borough: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

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Both were really good, location wise probably Schlemmerbuffet is the best one, but Hasir is pure history and also has 6 locations around Berlin.

Turkey reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Secret Code”.

Jerry: Alright, you're locked up in a prison in Turkey, I have your wallet. The only way I can bribe the guards to get you out is for you to give me your ATM code.
George: Call the Embassy.
Jerry: They're closed.
George: Why?
Jerry: Bomb threat.
George: We're in Turkey?
Jerry: Midnight Express, my friend.
George: My card won't work there; they're not on the Plus system.


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