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Burger Wars Episode XLIX: A Kimchi or Irish Cult [Street Food]

I’ve been tracking Kimchi Cult for a while, and finally I was able to get Danny and Sarah thanks to Eat St. The place the re-launch of The Imperial Arms pub with a residency of a top selection of street food traders, now West Londoners have every Friday and Saturday a rotation of their favourite vendors in the pub garden. 

Kimchi Cult
The pub is a gem, more like an art gallery, full of contemporary photography from Bob Carlos Clarke, great decoration, nice atmosphere, and a decent garden. 

Re Launch
Danny and Sarah spent a couple years in Korea where they felt in love with the food and moved from reporting/reviewing as a food blogger (Street Foodie) to street food vendor (Kimchi Cult), and now they are offering their Korean repertoire to London’s street food movement. 

The stall in the garden
Several burgers in their menu that day, at the end I went for the Kimchi Cult special, bacon, cheese, and of course kimchi. 

Burger time
The verdict, burger was lovely, the kimchi flavour with the bacon works pretty nice, bun toasted on the grill, the cheese wasn’t present didn’t add any to the mix, probably the strong flavour of the kimchi took over and didn’t give space to the cheese. 

The damage, 6.5 quid for the burger, no fries. 

The conclusion, great flavour, as Danny mentioned the trick is in the beef, good quality leads to nice flavours, the kimchi was spot on, this Korean/Irish burger has a 7 in my scale. 

Kimchi love
Korea reminds me the Seinfeld episode “The Fatigues” 

Kramer: Common Frank, I need you. I mean the war was fifty years ago 
Frank: In my mind, there's a war still going on 
Kramer: Alright, what happened, Frank? What is it that you can't get over? 
Frank: Inchon, Korea, 1950. I was the best cook Uncle Sam ever saw, slinging hash for the Fighting 103rd. As we marched north, our supply lines were getting thin. One day a couple of GIs found a crate, inside were six hundred pounds of prime Texas steer. At least it once was prime. The use date was three weeks past, but I was arrogant, I was brash, I thought if I used just the right spices, cooked it long enough 
Kramer: What happened? 
Frank: I went too far. I over seasoned it. Men were keeling over all around me. I can still hear the retching, the screaming. I sent sixteen of my own men to the latrines that night. They were just boys 
Kramer: Frank, you were a boy too, and it was war, it was a crazy time for everyone 
Frank: Tell that to Bobby Colby. All that kid wanted to do was go home. Well he went home alright, with a crater in his colon the size of a cutlet. Had to sit him on a cork the eighteen-hour flight home 
Kramer: Frank, now listen to me. Two hundred Jewish singles need you. This is your chance to make it all right again 
Frank: No, no, I'll never cook again! Never! Now get out of my house!! Get out, go

Kimchi Cult
Burgers / Street Food
Approx Damage: £6pp
Various Locations
Twitter: kimchicult

The Imperial Arms
T: 020 7736 6081
Area: Fulham
Borough: Hammersmith and Fulham
Twitter: TheImperialArms


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